Everyday Woman, Everyday Fierce- LaPortia Sims

 Laportia Sims

Assistant Director of Admissions  Argosy University

Nashville, TN

Laportia, Portia, LaPortia Sims, Everyday Women, Every Day Fierce

On a daily basis, I apply make-up to enhance my facial features, not cover them up. Making up your face should be viewed as an additional outfit, a person should always dress it up and never leave it bare/naked. I enjoy wearing neutral colors that matches all outfits. Since my eyes are my most distinctive feature my primary focus goes towards my brows. 

My top three make-up items used daily:

  • MAC concealer
  • MAC brown eyeliner pencil
  • Sephora Smashbox Full Coverage Foundation

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Everyday Woman, Everyday Fierce

Cosmetically Challenged is committed to bringing you  the latest news on all things beauty to Everyday people like you. We can’t all be  modelsor have our makeup professionally  done on a daily basis, but there are many of you out there who would give a made up model a run for their money.

Cosmetically Challenged presents a new feature on our blog called “EveryDay Woman, Every Day Fierce. A weekly article that will feature one woman per week and give them to chance to show off their smile, style, and personality.

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Maybelline Fit Me Foundation. Why It doesn’t Fit Me.



Here we go with another cosmetic company shouting from the roof tops that they have a foundation line that will match your skin tone. Now we all know, and if you didn’t let me share this with you, no one  is strictly one complexion/shade all over their face, Women of color tend to be lighter in T zone and darker around the outer edges of their face. Honestly, I don’t like to knock products until I try them and since I was in the market for a budgenista friendly foundation I decided to give them a try, $7.99 @ CVS. View Post

Mineral Makeup at its Best! Fusion of Color Cosmetics

Mineral Makeup is everywhere and there is a thin line when it comes to separating the average everyday been there done that to the ones that really stand out, wow you, and command attention. Fusion of Color Cosmetics is one company who does just that.

Created by Kathy Duncan of Illinois, Fusion of Color (FOC) Cosmetics is a company who’s product should not be overlooked. FOC, gives consumers a wide range of products to choose from with items in the categories of skin care, makeup and makeup brushes. Their products are made with the highest quality ingredients  with some products being made with almost a carat of diamond powder. You know how the saying goes “Diamonds are Girls best friend” and items from the Fusion of Color line should be yours too. View Post

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Liptars on Sale! Limited Time 6 for $50.00

You’ve read about Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tars, you’ve seen them swatched on several sites, you’ve heard Queenofblending rave about how awesome they are and you’ve wanted them for yourself. At $13.00 a pop you may have felt like they were a bit to pricey. Well, budgenista here’s your chance to own 6 pre packaged lip tars for $50.00!! Doing the math this makes this $8.33 a piece. This pricing is cheaper then what they were offering at The Makeup Show this year!! If you’ve been wanting these do not miss out on this deal because I’m not sure how long it will last!

Here is the link to where you can grab them.

http://www.occmakeup.com/liptarsets.html View Post