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Savings Alert on Orly FX French Manicure Kits

Orly French FX Manicure Kit


Yesterday while in Sally’s I happened upon Orly  Nail Lacquer French FX Manicure Kits. They come in three different combinations. Foil, Cosmic, or Neon. I chose the Neon since it’s summer. The kit allows you to create a unique manicure using nail strips. It also provides you with The “Top 2 Bottom” Base and Top coat, and Two Nail Lacquers.

In Sally’s this product sales for $10.99 plus if your lucky and have your 15% off coupon that came in the mail you can snag this baby for less then $9.34 + tax. Upon arriving home yesterday I noticed that my Ulta flyer had come in, so I did what I always do, turned to the nail polish section (told you I was an addict). Low and behold the same Orly French FX Kits were featured there but they were priced at 15.99. The Ulta flyer provides a coupon of 3.50 off of any  $10.00 purchase bringing your total to $12.49 + tax. If you purchase this from Sally’s your saving $3.65!

Just wanted to give you all a heads up because I’m making myself beautiful on a budget and I love to keep money in my pocket.

 Sally’s Beauty Flyer

Ulta Beauty

Nubb Couture Champagne Life

Champagne Life

To be honest “Champagne Life” was born out of frustration. I’d originally tried making a pink polish with dark purple glitter. It was a failure, so I suspended my glitter alone in polish base and it was beautiful. Of course I couldn’t leave well enough alone so I added an antique gold Mica pigment thus creating Champagne Life.   The picture shows you its color in the sun (top) and the shade (bottom). In the sun this is truly an amazing Franken. It glistens and shines and caught everyone’s eye as we were playing ultimate frisbee. Unfortunately my camera just couldn’t pick up what was being seen with my naked eye.

Check out how I style my outfit around Nubb Couture Champagne Life below!



Nubb Couture Champagne Life
M·A·C, Promiscuous, Brahmin
A classic look to pair with Nubb Couture Nail polish “Champagne Life”