Nubb Couture: Disco Commando

Todays Nubb Couture features Disco Commando. A Beautiful spectraflair light green that will catch anyone eye in the sun. I was very proud of this Franken, and I’ve learned that they key to making a good one is to just STOP while your ahead. What do you think of Disco Commando?

Makeup on a Budget- KJ Bennett’s Top Picks

 Today it is easier than ever to look spectacular without breaking the bank. Here are the top 5 price-friendly must-haves from makeup artist, beauty expert and multiple Emmy Award winner Kevin James (KJ) Bennett. CERAVE HYDRATING CLEANSER – $11.99 I can see the raised eyebrows and a lot or you saying, “this stuff looks just like Cetaphil”. Just to let you know, Coria Labs has integrated some great new technology into the same product type. The startling fact is that CeraVe is not only gentler than the iconic Cetaphil, it’s also more hydrating with many additional benefits …FOR THE SAME PRICE.… View Post