Nubb Couture: Disco Commando

Nubb Couture Disco Commando

Todays Nubb Couture features Disco Commando. A Beautiful spectraflair light green that will catch anyone eye in the sun. I was very proud of this Franken, and I’ve learned that they key to making a good one is to just STOP while your ahead. What do you think of Disco Commando?

Makeup on a Budget- KJ Bennett’s Top Picks


 Today it is easier than ever to look spectacular without breaking the bank. Here are the top 5 price-friendly must-haves from makeup artist, beauty expert and multiple Emmy Award winner Kevin James (KJ) Bennett. CERAVE HYDRATING CLEANSER – $11.99 I can see the raised eyebrows and a lot or you saying, “this stuff looks just like Read More