Which Glitter Hue is Right for you? The Battle of the Purple and Blue Glitter Mixes

Glitter has always been a girls best friend. Glittery nails are all the rage right now, the more glitter the better.  So which Hue is right for you, with all the brands to choose from which brand deliver just enough glitz and glam to make you spend your money? Today five brands go head to head in the battle of the Purple Blue glitter Mix.

I swatched these glistening glories over Sations “Love At First Lavender” since they were all of the darker purple shades. I felt that putting them over something dark would take away from the color, and you might miss out on some important aspect of the polish.

1. On the Pointer Finger is Finger Paints “Movie in the Park” . Out of the five this polish offered the smallest size of glitz and glitter. This polish contains an even mixture of purple and and blue glitter. Two coats was enough to get almost full coverage of the nail. This polish can be worn alone if three coats are used.


2. On the Middle Finger is Milani Cosmetics “Twinkle”. This Polish gives the wearer the best of both worlds. Mixed in with the smaller pieces of glitter are small to medium hexes of purple and blue. These large pieces add more dimension to the polish. I do believe there are some small black hexes mixed in as well.

3. Color Club “Very Merry Berry” is for those who dont’ want to commit to too much glitter. This polish differs in that instead of the dark purplle and blue hexes it uses light pink and teal hexes. Two coats gives you a medium coverage and still allows a lot of your top coat to show. There are some smaller darker pink pieces of glitter throughout the polish, but not enough to keep those afraid of taking it off later away.

4. Next up on the Pinky is Sally’s Girl. Unfortunately this polish does not have a name so it’s the just Sally’s girl Purple and Blue Glitter Polish. This polish is very much similar to the Finger Paints “Movie in the Park” although not as fine. The pigmentation in the glitter  also appears to be darker. This is a great two coater if your looking for something to really layer over another polish. With three coats it’s great to wear alone.

5. Last up on the thumb is Girly Bit’s “Daddy’s Little Girl”. I would describe this polish as a conglomerate of all the polishes I just featured. It has micro glitters, larger glitters, and hexes galore. Two coats of this polish will definitely cover your entire nail. This one here is not for the faint of heart, but if you like glitter then this is the polish for you.  Unlike the other polishes this one has a Colbalt Blue Base which adds to its pigmentation.

So which Hue is right for you? If I had to take my pick it would definitely be between Milani’s Twinkle and Girly Bit’s “Daddy’s Little Girl”!



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