Cosmetically Challenged’s Best of Maybelline Spring 2013 Give Away!

  Whew! When I received all the new items from the Maybelline Spring 2013 line to try out I knew that they were going to take the beauty world by storm, but I honestly had no idea it would be this big! I would like to thank you all for stopping by the blog and checking out all my reviews!  Today was the first day I actually saw the new Maybelline items in one of my local stores and while the display was kind of picked through some of my favorites still remained. I know items have been going fast and selling… View Post

DHC Care New Designing Eyebrow Pencil Review

DHC has blessed my skin many times over with their amazing skin care products so I was excited when I found out they adding some new items to their makeup line. DHC Designing Eyebrow Pencils from their Perfect Pro Makeup line, is replacing the old perfect pro pencil. Eyebrows to me are important, but what’s more important is having the right tools to achieve the coveted “snatched” brow. DHC Care Designing Eyebrow Pencils comes in five basic shades and includes your often times overlooked gray. My love for DHC really wanted these pencils to be great. Unfortunately, they missed the mark by… View Post