Finding the Best Fragrance Deals



I never purchase perfume at a department store counter. Never! Ever! Sure they have the cute little gift sets and they give you a couple of free samples, but why spend more money than you have to? Whenever I’m looking for a new fragrance I do two things first 1. Pick up a $5 atomizer at Nordstroms and wear test the fragrance for a week or two. If you are lucky enough to live near a Nordstroms all you have to do is ask the person working fragrances to make you an atomizer. The Atomizers hold 0.5 oz and are way more then enough to last you an entire week or two. I usually try to get atomizers in all the new fragrances so I don’t have to keep going back.

Once I’ve narrowed down which ones I really want I scour the internet looking to see who has the best deals. Overstock.com is my favorite site to use when searching for perfume deals. Not only do they have the NIB items but they also have items that were meant to be testers at a counter but were never used. Meaning you can get a 3.4oz Tester Fragrance Never Used for almost 60% off the original price! If Overstock doesn’t have the item yet I check to see which department stores are having anniversary sales or other special sales. Nordstroms usually has a really great deal when they have their anniversary sale. Sephora.com is my next stop because they often times have Sephora exclusives where I can find a better deal. Fragrance.net and Perfumia tend to be a little high priced.

Ross, Marshalls and TJ Maxx are the best places to look for fragrances on the ground. I’ve found some really awesome deals are these stores. Keep in mind they are also very very hit or miss so you can’t always rely on them to have some of the newer items.

Below I put together a couple of examples to show you how some sites differ from others. You’ll see why I love the stores I mentioned. Where do you shop for your fragrances? Know of any other sites I must check out?

flower bomb

Viktor & Rolf Flower Bomb: 3.4 oz Original Price $160 1.7 oz $110

Nordstroms.com Anniversary Sale has a set containing the 1.7oz Parfum, Bomblicious Body Lotion (6.7 oz.) and an eau de parfum rollerball (0.34 oz.). $120

Overstock.com 3.4oz Parfum $101.93 –BEST DEAL


Jimmy choo


Jimmy Choo Original Price 3.3oz $98 2oz $75 1.3oz $55

Nordstoms.com Anniversary Sale: Jimmy Choo Eau de Parfum spray (1.3 oz.)—the perfect travel companion—with your purchase of a large size (3.3 oz.) Eau de Parfum spray. $98.00 –BEST DEAL


Overstock.com Jimmy Choo Eau De Parfum Spray (TESTER) 3.3oz $49.00

Verace Yellow Diamond

Versace Yellow Diamond 1.7oz Original Price $69

Sephora.com 1.7oz $69

Overstock.com 1.7oz $41.75 –BEST DEAL!



Bvlgari Jasmine Noir: 1.0z $68 1.7oz $98, 3.4oz $148

Nordstroms.com Same Prices as above

Sephora.com: Only carries the 1.0oz

Fragrance.net 3.40z $69

Overstock.com 3.4oz $53.99 as tester of $57.99 NIB –BEST DEAL


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