Zoya Bubbly Collection 2014 Nail Polish Swatches

Zoya Bubbly Collection .jpg


Zoya always delivers fabulous goodies each summer. This summer they’ve released a two piece and with a side when it comes to  collections for us to glide across our winter stricken nails. I have the first of the three collections swatched by my Nail Contributor Amy for your viewing pleasure below. Zoya Bubbly is a semi sheer buildable polish with holographic glitter it’s like the lesser intense version of the Zoya Pixie polishes.

Zoya is three free and you can purchase the Zoya Bubbly collection from Zoya.com for $54 or purchase the individual bottles for $9.

Zoya Alma

Zoya Bubbly Alma .jpg

Zoya Binx

Zoya Bubbly Binx.jpg

Zoya Harper

Zoya Bubbly Harper.jpg

Zoya Jesy

Zoya Bubbly Jesy Polish.jpg

Zoya Muse

Zoya Bubbly Muse .jpg

Zoya Staasi

Zoya Bubbly Collection Staasi .jpg


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