How I Acheive a Funky yet Healthy Summer Hair Style with Beautiful Textures

  I love to have fun with my hair during the summer. I try out bold funky styles with fun and daring colors that  announce to the world that I’m living life on my terms. I mix golden highlights with warm reds and browns to create a color that’s all my own. However, while rocking my summer style I make sure to remember that healthy hair is more important than stylish hair and so I… View Post

Ten Cruelty-Free Natural Hair Companies You Should Be Trying

Going Natural is a huge transition. Women go natural for many different reasons with one main reason being to escape the damage that was caused relaxers and heat styling tools. The first time I went Natural, back in 2009 was due to the fact that wearing my relaxed hair was not conducive to my gym rat lifestyle. I’d find myself skipping out on workouts because I wanted to prolong the life of my touch-up. As… View Post

How to Finger Coil and Rock a Coil Out with a Tapered Cut

  Last week I had my hair cut back into a tapered style. I know I know, I was growing it out, but I decided that I just look better with a shorter cut. I attempted a wash and go on this tapered style and I felt it really didn’t bring through the actual shape of the style so I decided since I was due to update my “Finger Coils On Natural Hair” video from… View Post

My thoughts on the Motions For Natural Textures Line

  I’m still on the hunt for a new product line or products to replace my the products in my old regimen. I was recently sent over several products from the Motions Enhance and Define collection that includes products made specifically for natural textured hair. I may be late to the party, but the first thing I noticed was the new sleek look of the products, and with this new sleek look they also come… View Post

May’s CurlKit has been taken over by SheaMoisture!

I’ve been against subscription boxes since Day one. Mainly beauty subscription products as I found that the samples they gave you weren’t worth the subscription box price. Lately, I’ve been doing a lot more with my natural hair, and with my staple products slowly running out the need to find a replacement was urgent as I  vowed that I would never order from my staple company ever again in my life. To aid in my… View Post

Pro Line: SheaMoisture CocoShea Biolipid Complex Curl Memory Leave in Conditioner and Gentle Curl-Cleansing Co-wash Review

Imagine my surprise when I walked into Sally’s Beauty Supply store and found out that my beloved SheaMoisture had snuck in a new Pro line of hair care products on me. Three different product lines make up the SheaMoisture Pro Line Curl Care, Color Care, and Keratin Care. I figured I was all late boots with finding out about this product until I checked out the SheaMoisture Instagram page and found out that they were… View Post

Quick and Easy Wash N Go Routine

I’ve never been a fan of the whole Wash and Go style. I’ll be honest I was never a fan because I could never get my hair to cooperate. I fell into the trap of watching so many other naturalistas on youtube rock a wash n go and wishing my hair did what there’s did. So for the past four years I’ve completely ditched Wash N Go’s. The term was just not in my vocabulary,… View Post