This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sally Beauty. My hair has undergone lots of changes. It’s been purple and blonde, styled in a tapered fashion, and even completely shaved off in an undercut style. It’s safe to say my hairstyles have run the gamut, and while this year I vowed to keep my styles a bit more toned down, I still haven’t been able to avoid dryness. A while back, I shared with you all how I identified where my dryness was coming from, but I’m still working to treat this problem.  I’m a product junkie,… View Post

This post is sponsored by Lunch Box all opinons are my own. Last week I shared with you how I was treating my dry brittle hair  switching up my regimen to one that was full of moisture. To keep hair feeling great you have to maintain that delicate balance between moisture and protein. After realizing I had way too much protein my hair I’ve been going through my ridiculously large stash of beauty products and making sure that only products that are going to give me a good moisture treatment are in the forefront. I like to switch things up… View Post

  With it being the end of the year and all I’m excited to share my 2015 hairstyle review. This has seriously been a great hair year for me! I did some serious experimenting. This was probably the last year that I was really going to be able to have fun and try different styles before heading back into the workforce so I did it all. I grew out my hair from a low cut, then chopped it off into a tapered style. I got bored with that and shaved off my sides, then I got really bold and shaved… View Post

I love a good hair oil. One of my favorite things to do with hair oils is to use them before I shampoo as it helps to soften the hair and protects the hair from sulfates in the shampoo that can strip the hair of all it’s vital moisture. I’ve tried many hair oils and hair fragrances, but I’ve never used or smelled ones as decadent as the Show Beauty Hair Products. I was sent the Show Beauty Pure Treatment Hair Oil and Decadence Hair Fragrance a while back and to be honest, the products got lost in the cave… View Post

  I love to have fun with my hair during the summer. I try out bold funky styles with fun and daring colors that  announce to the world that I’m living life on my terms. I mix golden highlights with warm reds and browns to create a color that’s all my own. However, while rocking my summer style I make sure to remember that healthy hair is more important than stylish hair and so I opt to use products that nourish and moisturize my color treated hair all while helping to create defined and textured curls. One of the biggest… View Post

Going Natural is a huge transition. Women go natural for many different reasons with one main reason being to escape the damage that was caused relaxers and heat styling tools. The first time I went Natural, back in 2009 was due to the fact that wearing my relaxed hair was not conducive to my gym rat lifestyle. I’d find myself skipping out on workouts because I wanted to prolong the life of my touch-up. As if going natural wasn’t enough, now you have to find out which products work best for your hair. I was and probably still am slightly… View Post

  Last week I had my hair cut back into a tapered style. I know I know, I was growing it out, but I decided that I just look better with a shorter cut. I attempted a wash and go on this tapered style and I felt it really didn’t bring through the actual shape of the style so I decided since I was due to update my “Finger Coils On Natural Hair” video from three years ago this would be the perfect time to do that and try the style out at the same time.  The products I used… View Post