Eight Luxe Holiday Gift Ideas for that Glamorous Friend and Shopbop Sale!

Okay yall, so my favorite shopping site Shopbop is having another sale! This is one of my favorite sales as it gives you a percentage off based on how much you spent.  The more you spend the more you save. There will be some exclusions, but I’m not sure exactly what they will be. If they repeat what they did last year I believe they won’t be as restrictive as the last sale. So here’s… View Post

Protecting my Skin in the Fall to Winter Transition

I wrote this article through a sponsorship with SocialStars. My opinions are my own but my need for the Curel Itch Defense Line is real. #curelskincare My morning routine is made up of the usual choirs like showering along with hair and makeup, but now that the weather’s changed and were transitioning from fall to winter I’ve had to add in a some new steps to make sure I’m ready for the day. With the… View Post

Give Custom gifts from Minted.com This Holiday Season

When we first purchased our home I went a little crazy when it came to the home decor. I was constantly picking up magazines to see what was on trend and I found myself bookmarking a slew of home decor blogs because in my head I wanted my home to have a certain look. What I didn’t realize was that I should have just let my ideas marinate so that I could stay true to… View Post

Great Tips for Keeping the Home Clean When you Have Pets this Holiday Season

I love to decorate our home and have people over. The one thing I don’t like is the big clean up that goes on right before you have guest over.  We’re not those people whose house is always immaculate whenever you go to visit. Let me tell ya, our house and every single room within it is very much lived in. We do a really good clean once a week and since we have pets… View Post

WeightLoss on my Terms

Before I go home for the Christmas Holidays I told myself I wanted to lose a bit of weight. I have several workout programs here at home, but I felt I needed to take more control over my weight loss and not leave it up to some program or strict diet. This past spring I took the 21 Day Fix challenge and dropped 6lbs in 3 weeks. I was happy with the results, but I… View Post

Change Your Donations this Season with UbyKotex

I love handbags, but I don’t like clutter. So once I year I go through my handbag stash to see what which bags will make it over to the new year and which bags have to go. I usually sell my older bags on sites like PoshMark or Tradesy, but this time I’m doing something a bit different and donating my bags to woman shelters. No, that’s not exactly something new, but instead of donating… View Post

The Power of Sight is in Your Hands with LensCrafters

This post is Sponsored by Lenscrafters and Social Stars. I love staying stylish in glasses so all opinions are my own. #Lenscrafterscrowd There is so much to see in the world. With the rise of photography-driven social media sites, we’ve all turned into our very own photographers capturing breathtaking images and unforgettable memories all while in the moment. With so much to see, there is no reason you should be missing out, especially when there… View Post