What is Nubb Couture?

Nubb Couture is my very own collection of Franken Polishes!

So your jumping on the bandwagon too?

Well, of course I am!

Do you plan on selling your creations?

Nubb Couture was created just for my own entertainment. With the market being so saturated with amazing Franken Polish makers as of now I have no desires or the time to mass produce. However, if someone see’s something they like I may be able to accommodate special request.

Why did you choose the name Nubb Couture?

Well, I work in a lab and wear gloves *cough* most of the time. I’m not sure if it’s me handling methanol, neurotoxins or Hydrochloric acid without gloves, or the costant washing of my hands, but for some reason my nails just won’t grow. Or, they grow and a greedily bite them off in a fit of rage at an experiment gone wrong. Thus I dubb this collection “Nubb Couture”

Where did you buy your ingredients?

Most ingredients were found online, ebay or at TKB trading.

Do you think you’ll ever be good at polishing Nails?

Probably not, I guess that wasn’t in God’s Plan for me *sigh*

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