I simplified my beauty routine with the RoC® MULTI CORREXION® 5 in 1 Eye Cream  as part of a sponsored post with SocialStars. Thank you for letting me share brands I love with you. #WomenWhoROC  Since the beginning of the year, I’ve been doing a lot of purging. Purging my student loan debt (nothing but the devil), purging my fat cells through being conscious of what I’m eating, and also purging the clutter from my home.  You can probably say that I’m starting to adopt a minimalist attitude towards life. I hadn’t realized that all the unnecessary things in my house… View Post

I’m absolutely infatuated with “glowing”. Not strobing, but glowing. When a woman is glowing it means that something in her life is going exactly as she planned. She maybe received a compliment on her weight loss, something she’s been keeping to herself, or she’s living her best life despite the odds. This past year and well into this year I’ve been living my best life. Not everything is going as I want it to, but that’s normal. In spite of it all I’m living my best life and I want how I feel to radiate all around. So this is… View Post

This post is sponsored by Lunch Box all opinons are my own. Last week I shared with you how I was treating my dry brittle hair  switching up my regimen to one that was full of moisture. To keep hair feeling great you have to maintain that delicate balance between moisture and protein. After realizing I had way too much protein my hair I’ve been going through my ridiculously large stash of beauty products and making sure that only products that are going to give me a good moisture treatment are in the forefront. I like to switch things up… View Post

The other day I received a pleasant surprise in the mail in the form of  the EssenceBeauty box. Now if you’re an avid reader of Being Melody then you know how I feel about Beauty Box’s or subscription boxes period. They can be hit or miss. Either you’re gonna get stuff you really love or you’re going to get a box full of unwanted samples. I wasn’t sure what to expect with the Essence Beauty Box but I was optimistic since it is a box curated specifically for Women of Color. At least, with this, box the good news is… View Post

In full disclosure, it’s been a while since I’ve tried a drug store foundation. Actually, it’s been over a year since I stepped foot into a convenience store to pick up makeup period! It’s not because I don’t like drugstore makeup but has a lot to do with me cutting back on how much I spent on makeup though somehow I still managed to make VIB Rouge. So when I received a special delivery from Loreal last month I was super surprised to find it contained  three out of twelve of the shades of their True Match Lumi Cushion foundation.… View Post

Hair regimens are important. Especially if you have natural hair. Once of the biggest pitfalls of having natural hair is overcoming that inner product junkie. You know the one that wants to try every single product that comes out on the market? Being that I’ve been natural for many years I thought I finally figured out what my hair liked there were certain products from brands that I could use and certain products I had to stay away from. After doing another impromptu big chop in January I realized that my hair was riddled with grays. I mean I’ve always… View Post

While this post is supported by Verizon all opinions are my own. #fiosphilly Last weekend my husband mentioned a movie he’d caught pieces of that reminded him of me. That movie was “The Intern”, starring Anne Hathaway and Robert Dinero (who reminds me of my Dad). Usually, I have to brace myself when my husband tells me something reminded him of me as some of his comments have needed a lot of explanation. So when he told me this movie made him think of me, having not seen the movie I quickly racked my brain thinking of how this film… View Post