Simple Easy to Follow Rules for Wearing Matte Lipstick


Photo Site I know my header says Beauty Rules are so Faux Pas, but wayminute, there are some rules that just need to be followed. There are particular rules indeed for when one wants to rock their favorite Matte Lipstick shade. Matte Lipsticks are not moisturizing at all so if your lips look like you’ve Read More

How To Finger Coil Natural Hair

Lauren Hill

Photo Site Finger Coils aka “Comb Twist”  are a great and easy style if you are a women on the go who does not have alot of time to do your hair in the morning. I’ve just started doing finger coils this past month and can we say “Goodbye Two Strand Twist”!! Finger coils give me Read More

Sally’s Beauty Holiday Nail Polish Haul


Two weeks ago I ran into Sally’s Beauty to grab some gloves, and a soft bonnet dryer and while I was there I couldn’t help by stop and take a look at their clearance section. No only were things on clearance but they were an extra 50% off of the ticket price.While their I also Read More

Cosmetically Challenged Takes the Jeanette Jenkins Sexy Abs Challenge


It’s a new year and that means I’m supposed to be sitting around making those un-keepable New Years Resolutions. You know how I’m gonna be nicer, smile at more people, lose weight, actually try not to use my credit card. Everything but the latter is probably doable.

Cosmetically Challenged visits Oyin Handmade Baltimore Store


Today I was in Maryland and I decided to stop by Oyin Handmade and check out their store in Baltimore. I am a new comer to their products, taking advantage of the Black Friday Sale I purchased the Alotta Hair Gift set. After my first use with the Hair Dew and the Burnt Sugar Pomade I Read More

Natural Hair Day 3 Coil Out Featuring Oyin Handmade


  It’s day 3 of my coil out and after a very intense spin class it looked as if my coils had stood their last stand, and I must admit it was a valiant  fight! Since I was heading to MD in like less then 2 hours I didn’t have time to do anything else Read More

Natural Hair Two Day Coil Out

  Lately I’ve been wearing my hair in Finger Coils. These prove to be so much easier and faster for me then two strand twist. I put in a good movie or sit down and watch my husband play some blood shedding video games and go to work. Instead of taking 3-4 hours to two Read More

Natural Hair Porn: Hair that Makes you Drool

Sigh, Her hair is gorgeous! Actually she’s a downright glamazon herself. This beautiful lady popped up on mentions in twitter today after I posted a picture of me with a 2 day old coil out rocking another pair of Peace Images Jewelry earrings. When I saw her bite size Avi something said click it, so Read More