Natural Hair Two Day Coil Out

  Lately I’ve been wearing my hair in Finger Coils. These prove to be so much easier and faster for me then two strand twist. I put in a good movie or sit down and watch my husband play some blood shedding video games and go to work. Instead of taking 3-4 hours to two Read More

Natural Hair Porn: Hair that Makes you Drool

Sigh, Her hair is gorgeous! Actually she’s a downright glamazon herself. This beautiful lady popped up on mentions in twitter today after I posted a picture of me with a 2 day old coil out rocking another pair of Peace Images Jewelry earrings. When I saw her bite size Avi something said click it, so Read More

Let Zoya Color Your World in 2012, 2 Free Polishes!

Hey Everyone! HAPPY NEW YEAR!! First of all, yep I’ve been slack. I admit it. Anywho to make up for my slackness let me let you guys in on something huge! Zoya wants everyone to know who they are and wants to give everyone a chance to try their line of Nail Polishes. So they Read More

Olive and Gold Eye of the Day Look Featuring MAC


  Just wanted to share with you my eyes for the day. Nothing ubber mind blowing but a soft subtle use of Olive and Gold that is safe to wear in the office. To really make this look stand out you can darken the eye liner add lashes and put a pop of a darker Read More

PeaceImages Jewelry Small Business Saturday Haul

Gold Coast

Here I go with another Black Friday, well actually small business saturday haul! First off let me ask you guys a question, ever owned a piece of Jewelry that made you feel like you were Cleopatra or that you were a queen reigning over some exotic land? I thought I’d experienced this before,  but I realized Read More

Newbie Beauty: Check out Erin Smith Makeup Look

Erin Makeup

The days of saying “I’ll never be able to do this on my own” are over. Erin Smith, Student Services Coordinator for Greenville Technical College has become a beast with the brush. Using Youtube and Blogs as her teacher she’s learned to yield a brush just like a makeup artist would. I did this beauty’s Read More

Natural Hair Black Friday Haul Part 1


Hey everyone!! Long time no see, but such is life when your a busy PhD student. Anywho Thanksgiving came and went then Black friday was upon us. Instead of pitching a tent, or standing in long lines to get some of the latest and greatest deals I decided to shop from my home. Actually I Read More

Bombs Away! Look out for the Lotus, Bath and Flower!

Bombs have been dropping all around for centuries, bombs in war, f-bombs in language, and the slang denoting something is “the bomb”. Let’s face it we can’t get away from bombs. While the bombs I just listed aren’t something we would readily like to have around us in our daily lives here a couple of Read More