Day 8/100 Accepting the Need to Change.

It takes 21 days to break a habit, or so they say. Change is an inevitable part of life, it’s the only thing that’s actually constant in this world. You can’t change what you are, but can change what you do, who you’re influenced by,  and what motivates you. You can alter the words that come out of your mouth simply by thinking about them before you speak. I’ve changed my lifestyle and I’ve adopted a habit of waking up at 4:30am so that I can hit the gym by 5am. I’ve fixed the way I look at food  by… View Post

Do your Lips Need a Power Boost? Try Milani Cosmetics New Power Lips!

[button link=”#” target=”_blank” color=”gray” shape=”rounded” size=”small” align=”left”]Samples Provided[/button] This is what you need to be stalking while walking up and down the beauty aisles at your local drug stores! The newest release from Milani Cosmetics are the POWER Lip and boy do these babies live up to their name! The Power Lips are .09 oz of combination lipgloss and stain. They are highly pigmented, moisturizing and long lasting. I wish, wish wish wish they came in a large size like the TARTE Maracuja lip glosses because I know for sure I will be using these until there isn’t a drop… View Post

100 Days to a Better Me… My Weakness, My Truths, My Reality

When the clock struck twelve midnight signaling the arrival of 2014 I was in my bed asleep. I’d just lost my grandmother  the day before and I was heart broken that I’d be starting a new year without her. While 2013 was a great year, I mean we bought a house and became first time home owners, I passed my Phd qualifier and my blog is headed in a great direction as far as content and growth, I knew something was missing, and it was more than just my grandmother. Losing her made me realize that  I wasn’t living my… View Post

AgeBeautiful helps me go Big and Bold with my new Hair Color!

I have been itching for some added color to my hair. First I was all “I’m gonna save up and have it professionally done”. Then, after doing my budget and realizing if I wanted to live a debt free life I was not going to be able to afford such a splurge I decided to do it on my own. I just skipped on over to my local Sally’s and purchased two tubes of the AgeBeautiful hair color in 3V which is a Dark Brown Plum for $5.99/tube. The swatch at the store appeared to be a dark brown with… View Post

philosophy’s loveswept Took me Back to One of the Happiest Days of my Life!

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by philosophy through their partnership with POPSUGAR. While I was compensated by POPSUGAR to write a post about philosophy, all opinions are my own.” Have you ever smelt a fragrance only to be catapulted back in time to relive a precious memory? If this has never happened to you I challenge you to find a fragrance that brings you happiness, then close your eyes and see what sorts of images your mind brings forth. loveswept, the newest fragrance by philosophy, took hold of my senses and brought forth memories of one of the happiest days… View Post

My Love Affair with Dermablend Professional Quick Fix Concealer and the Chance to Win a $200 e-giftcard from

This is a sponsored post from While I’m being compensated for this post the love affair I have with Dermablend Professionals is real…   Beauty products come a dime a dozen. Usually when you find the right one and fall in love with it the company discontinues it or somehow changes the formula, you know, to “make it better”. Usually better for me means adding an ingredient that no longer has the stamina to stand up to my oily skin or frequent need of use.  Now I can tell ya I had a thang for concealers. You see I… View Post

A Jane Iredale Starter Kit Could Easily Be Yours!

Win a Jane Iredale Starter Kit!!!   I absolutely love Jane Iredale! Their Pure gloss is phenomenal and I’m never without one in my makeup bag. I have several reviews for jane iredale all throughout the blog so make sure you check some of them out. We all know how important it is to find the perfect foundation for your complexion. Jane Iredale introduces the NEW Starter Kit, a skin-loving makeup system that embodies the foundation of the line with the essentials needed to reveal healthy, radiant skin. The Starter Kit $55, makes it easy with just three steps (the Power of 3) that incorporate beneficial,… View Post