MAC Cosmetics She’s a Model EyeShadow x9 Swatches and Review

MAC Cosmetics launched it’s Fashion Pack collection and with it came two eyeshadow x9 palettes She’s a Model as well as Runway Worthy . I have She’s a Model here to share with you which is a palette that features cool neutral hues with a pop of blackened teal and a bright yellow to had a bit of color. I like these smaller sized palettes because they’re perfect for throwing in a cosmetic bag and touching up or actually applying your makeup on the go.  She’s a Model contains nine miniature sized eyeshadows in a sleek black compact with a… View Post

Shrimp and Zucchini Vegetti

Since the beginning of the year, I’ve been undergoing some lifestyle changes. I purged my closet and now use a capsule wardrobe and I even decided to do something about my weight by going on Weight Watchers. So far I’ve lost 25lbs and I feel and might I say look amazing. Although I’ve changed the way I eat I still like to enjoy great homestyle tasting meals with my family in friends so that we can keep the tradition of Sunday meals around the dinner table alive. I do this by switching out Carbs with delicious locally sourced vegetables to… View Post

Deets on the MAC Cosmetics Banging Brilliant Collection

I was wondering when MAC Cosmetics was going to join the ranks of other brands with their own version of rainbow lip color choices. It seem’s while several labels have played out wild crazy colors MAC has stayed true to their normal color range, although given us a little metallic grey here or a black there, but mostly for holiday releases like Black Friday. MAC Cosmetics Banging Brilliant collection changes all that a kaleidoscope of bright vibrant hues perfect for summer, spring, fall, hell for just being unique.  This line has lips, eyes, and cheeks with a few repromotes thrown… View Post

Headaches and Science Don’t have to Mix

I’m sharing #Advil in my life as part of an Advil® sponsored series for Socialstars™ #fastadvilfacts “There is a difference between mental work and physical work.” This is what my Dad said to me over dinner as we discussed my Ph.D. committee meeting that took place earlier in the day. I’d been explaining to my him that I was completely exhausted and felt like I wanted just to sleep for days.  He then went on to explain that the body can become more fatigued from work that requires more thinking than it can from performing a rigorous task. He was… View Post

MAC Cosmetics Blue Nectar and Fashion Pack Lipstick Swatches on Medium Brown Skin

Hey, Everyone! I’m sure you’ve seen photos of the new Blue Nectar and Fashion Pack lipsticks swirling around on the internets, or even here on Being Melody. Today I’m sharing with you swatches of lipsticks from both collections. For one of the collections, I only have one lipstick to show you, so I decided to put it all together to create one post of fantabulous swatches! Blue Nectar is a collection ripe with 9 Limited Edition shades and three repromotes. This collection has already launched on the MAC Cosmetics website so don’t delay. Fashion Pack, which I’ve shared with you… View Post

Nine Must Have M.A.C Neutral Eyeshadows for Women of Color

Even though summer is like right around the corner, I’m probably going to be rocking neutral eyeshadows. It could be my age talking, but I am so drawn to neutral shades that can be both profession and fun depending on how you wear them. There are a gazillion neutral palettes on the market, but my go-to neutral palette is one I put together myself with eyeshadows from MAC Cosmetics.   The key to putting together a great eyeshadow palette is to make sure you have great versatile colors that are going to help you create the maximum amount of looks. Every… View Post

MAC Fashion Pack Collection

If you consider yourself royalty, and you love jewel tones, then you’re going to love the MAC Fashion Pack Collection. With gorgeous shades of fuchsia, violet, emerald, deepest plum, midnight this collection is sure to live up to your every desire. The collection launches June 23rd at all MAC locations.  Fluid Line Pen: $22.00 Privat: sea green Inedibly Blue: Deep navy blue Eyeshadow x9 $32.00     Lipstick $17.00