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Ashley Denise Robinson

New York, NY
Actor, Health and Fitness Coach

I am a role model and I make sure to Walk my Talk! That means staying fit if I promote fitness, eating healthy if I promote nutrition, and looking fantastic if I promote beauty! I work various jobs throughout the day, sometimes starting very early, so I make sure my makeup regimen is thorough enough to make me look my best, yet easy enough that it doesn’t take me a long time in the morning to get it together.

Must have Beauty Items:
A moisturizing lip balm! I just bought a new, huge container today.


A great tip I recently learned on how to fight the fat and stay motivated. Make the possibility of staying unhealthy and overweight as painful as possible. Picture yourself in two months not having achieved your weight loss goals and gaining more weight because of lack of motivation or laziness. How will you feel? How will you look? What will your sex life be like–I’m not asking, what will your boyfriend/husband /girlfriend/wife think of you. This is about your body. How will your clothes fit? Will your clothes fit? What will your skin look like? Be as detailed as possible, make it really painful. Now think about how you’ll feel in two months if you do the right things and eat well and exercise! I used this trick yesterday when I was at a reading and there were tons of Hershey’s kisses on the table. I said, if I eat those, my face is going to be covered in pimples. I’m gong to be gassy and my teeth are gonna rot and fall out even faster. It works! Let me know your experience.

Please check out my health and wellness website,, and remember, the more beautiful you feel, the more beautiful you’ll look!


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  1. Brian ONeill
    November 19, 2011 / 8:55 pm

    Hi Ashley

    Andrew Dolan, the author of The many mistresses of MLK, recommended you to me for a reading I am putting together of my new play To Se Them Say. If interested please contact me at: and I will forward you a script.

    Thanks – Brian ONeill

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