How To Finger Coil Natural Hair

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Finger Coils aka “Comb Twist”  are a great and easy style if you are a women on the go who does not have alot of time to do your hair in the morning. I’ve just started doing finger coils this past month and can we say “Goodbye Two Strand Twist”!! Finger coils give me the same exact thing in half the time.

Finger coiling can either be done with your pointer finger or a comb. For me using my finger is faster and simpler then having to use a comb and wrapping hair around the comb. It’s especially easier when having to the back of your head. When I wear my finger coils I find that they last up to 3 days (due to my heavy workout regimen) and then I can wear the coil out for another 3 days giving me a 6 day hair style!

Check out the video below on how I achieve my finger coils.



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