Run Don’t Walk!! Milani Cosmetics 75% off at CVS! Items for Sale List Incl.

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The CVS beauty sale has come and gone. If you’re lucky you can still probably dash in and find some goodies. During their Beauty Clearance Milani Cosmetics Products are NEVER on sale. In all honesty it is very rare you will find these products on sale. I happened to snag quite a few during the Cyber Money everything half off promo that Milani did on their website. This morning Rai over at Glam Morena gave me the inside scoop that Milani products were marked to 75% off this was confirmed by a visit over to Nouveau Cheap. If you know how crazy the Cyber Monday sale was for Milani then you know these products were going to go like hot cakes so I impatiently waited for the streets to be plowed and headed on over to our local newly built CVS!

First off I went to 3 CVS stores. All were in 2-4 miles of each other. This is where I noticed that some CVS stores have taken all the Milani Products off the shelves and put them in those dreaded 75% off bins.  Other CVS stores have put labels below the products letting you know the discounted prices and one CVS store decided they wouldn’t put any signage up. When I inquired about this to the manager I was told that the other stores were doing it wrong and if I wanted to know the price I would have to scan them…(mental note to send stern letter to corporate).

Anywho I grabbed all my goodies at the store that had everything properly labeled. I’ve also compiled a list of everything that was on sale after seeing tweets with people saying their CVS didn’t have anything at all. Theirs could unfortunately be like that 3rd CVS I visited.


Color Perfect Lipstick


Red delicious

Berry Rich


Mystique mauve

Minky Pink


Sugar Rimm

 3d Glitzy Glamour

Leading lady

Glitzy glamour Gloss

First Class

Lip mixer

706 Lip Party

703 Lip stir

704 Lip Blend

701 Lip Mingle

Eye Shadow

Silver Charm

Leaf Green


Caribbean Sea

Blue Lagoon


Runway eyes

Fashionista Pink

Beauty in Blues



Powder bronze

 Light 01

Body bronzer

Powder Blush


Easy Liner


Blue eyes

Easy Liner For Eyes Glitter

03 Purple Quartz

01 Precious silver

04 Terra brown

Milani Duo Sharpener

Milani Liquid Infinite Liquid Eyeliner

03 Eternal

Nail Art

708 Yellow Designs

707 Blue Print

08 Green Sketch

711 Orange Graph


*Nail Lacquer

15 Ready to Wear Red

37 Black Magic

501 Techno red

88 Raspberry Fusion

65 Cool vibe

101 Lemonangello

29 Good Morning sunshine

19 Breezy

102 Wild Violet

49 Black Berry Baby

24 Red to Tango

13 Magenta Medal

105 Ms Milani

91 Gold Dust

306 Crème Brulee

48A My Apple Red

301 White

502 Awesome Orange

106 Midnight Satin

44 Tropical Fiesta



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