Booyah and Dear Diary Lipstick Review- M.A.C Beth Ditto Collection

Booyah!!! and Dear Diary


MAC has paired up with yet another celebrity to make a new Limited Edition Collection. This time it’s Singer Songwriter Beth Ditto from the group Gossip. I picked up two of the Beth Ditto collection Pro Long Wear Creme Lipsticks that I thought would go perfect for summer Booyah!! and Dear Diary. Okay I honestly picked up Booyah!! for the name also, I mean just think about it when someone ask what color that is you can yell out “Booyah!!” lol, they’ll think your crazy but whatevs!

First off is Dear Diary. I wanted another in your face, bright as all get out pink. Dear Diary is a Pro Long Wear Creme Lipstick. It has medium coverage and the color intensity really increases when paired over a lip pencil of similar color. Wearing it alone did nothing for me as far as “wow”. It’s a nice pink when worn alone, but I honestly was looking for something more. Unfortunately, this lipstick can be substituted for many in my collection. Here are the other lipsticks I thought duplicated “Dear Diary” well.

 Milani Cosmetics “Rose Hip“, MAC Cosmetics “Quick Sizzle” which is a Matte lipstick and MAC Cosmetics “Show Orchid” which is Amplified

1. Dear Diary

2. Quick Sizzle 

3. Rose Hip

4. Show Orchid

Next up is “Booyah!!!”, this is a Creme orange color. When I applied it my lips I noticed that like “Dear Diary” for this color to really stand out on me the way I wanted it to, and I would need to pair it with lip liner base. If you want jus a subtle hue of orange this is great product. Since it was a creme it was very moisturizing. I do suggest making sure those lips have been scrubbed before hand because it will show any dead or peeling skin! Here are some of the lipsticks I thought would be good alternatives to “Booyah!!!” MAC Cosmetics “Good to Go“, Revlon Cosmetics “Orange Flip” and Milani Cosmetics “Mandarina“. Some may think that Morange would be a good alternative but it was just to reddish orange to fit in with this category. Now that I think of it “Neon Orange” by MAC Cosmetics would have probably fit well with this group.


Here are swatches of the lipsticks.

1. Booyah!!!

2. Good to Go

3. Orange Flip

4. Mandarina

If you love Beth Ditto and the group Gossip I would say that you should definitely pick up a couple of the items from the collection since they are Limited Edition. However, if you are just a MAC cosmetics fan in general in my honest opinion neither of these are must haves and there are some budget friendly alternatives out there.


Planning or did you grab anything from the Beth Ditto collection? I would love to hear your thoughts!