Playing Russian Roulette With Your Hair? Three Tips to Keep You Safe

Each one of us is guilty of taking the life of our hair into our own hands. For reasons some may not care to disclose, we just decided not to visit a professional and to attempt a color, cut, trim, or any other chemical process on our own. I call this type of act Russian Roulette!

We all know how the game of Russian Roulette is played, you put a one bullet into an empty chamber of a gun, spin it and then pull the trigger. The winner is the one who doesn’t end up dead. This evening I decided to play this crazy game, only with my hair. I lightened my hair back in January and my roots were shouting their true color from the top of their lungs. I decided that instead I wanted to go lighter then my previous color. Taking my hair to a color lighter then what I already had in my head wasn’t going to be easy. First I would have to lighten my roots to get them to catch up with the, rest of my hair (spins the guns chamber), then I would have to apply hair color to the ends of my hair to get them to lighten as well (pulls trigger). As you can see, I was playing Russian Roulette with my Hair. When taking the life of your hair into your own hands there are three key tips to read before starting the daunting task.


1. Do your research! If you’ve never colored your hair, applied extensions, chemically relaxed, or etc. It’s important to do your research before hand to know exactly what your getting yourself into. Youtube has a Plethora of videos where people show case their triumphs and failures giving your very detailed information on how to take on a certain process.

2. Prep everything before hand. There is nothing worse then starting something and not having all the key players there to complete the job. Make sure you lay out all your tools/ingredients before hand. I remember in high school a friend came over for me to chemically relax her new growth. She brought everything, but the neutralizing shampoo. When it came time to wash the relaxer out, and I inquired about the Neutralizing shampoo she said she didn’t have any, and I replied, well your hair is about to fall out…We finally found some tucked away in our bathroom cabinet and she still has her hair today! Remember folks.. Prep everything first

3. Have a backup plan! Let say you decide to lighten your hair, only to over process your hair and have some of it coming out in your hand as you rinse the color out (drastic I know), so now what? Last night my roots were taking forever to lift. Literally almost an hour had gone by. I told myself if this turned into a disaster then I would just get my hair cut really short and rock a cropped cut. I was confident with my back up plan. Make sure you choose a plan you can live with and won’t regret later. If your choosing to cut your own hair will you be able to suck it up and go to the salon, and get it corrected if you whack off 5 inches instead of two?


Have you ever played Russian Roulette with your hair? I would love to hear you stories, good or bad! Oh and by the way. I ended up just lightening my roots, the color took almost an hour to lift my roots and I was too afraid it was becoming overprocessed. Maybe I’ll save my ends for later.



  1. April 20, 2015 / 3:46 pm

    Thanks for sharing those tips. What I always do before doing a drastic change to my hair is, consult a virtual makeover tool. There are some really good ones out there and they give you a general idea on how your new style looks on you.

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