The Modern Day Great Gatsby Lifts your roots with Over the Top Root Lift Spray by GG Gatsby

My dense head of coils doesn’t offer me the problem of having limp roots, but if you were blessed with a head of lifeless, straight locks GG Gatsby Over the Top Root Lift Spray might be just what you need to lift your hair to new heights.

Jerseylicious Star Gayle Giacomo, created a product that would “Boost Volume and Turn Heads”. Using Oleo-Volume & Strength Technology™ this unique oleosome delivery system helps to create 40% MORE VOLUME and 50% MORE STRENGTH in hair. For the sciencey people oleosomes are an encapsulation system that rapidly penetrate biopolymers and natural oils into the hair shaft to expand and strengthen hair from the inside out. I think this would be an awesome product for anyone who loves big hair, but can’t achieve it on their own. When my hair is straight I still love to have large barrel curls. This product might be just what I need to get them to hold their height and give me that Diana Ross look that I always fail to achieve.

GG Over the Top Root Lift Spray can be found at and retails for $17.99.


* This product was provided to me by a public relations company for consideration of review This in no way affects my thoughts and viewpoints of the product. For more information on my review policy please visit here.


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