Lush Cosmetics new makeup line is Emotional Brilliance!!


The Lush Cosmetics family is finally complete! Our favorite bath and body store finally  added cosmetics to their product line up, and of course I made sure I was one of the first in line to try it! (I seriously was)

Emotional Brilliance contains a collection of  30 handmade goodies in either lipstick, eyeshadow, or eyeliner form.  Emotional Brilliance is not just one of those collections where you walk up and pick the prettiest colors, it’s made so that your subconscious tells you which colors to choose.  You’re probably wondering “Well how the heck does it do that?” It’s Easy!!

Upon arrival I sat down with Anna to have a personal “Color Reading”. Think of it as getting your palm read by a physic, but less scary. Anna asked me to close my eyes and I and to clear my mind by thinking of a blank canvas. As I closed my eyes she started to spin the color wheel. I was then asked to open my eyes and then pick the first three colors my mind was drawn to, no pressure! I chose three colors and underneath each contained an Emotional Brilliance product. The colors I chose were “Control” (eyeliner) , “Passionate” (lipstick) and “Vibrance” (eyeshadow). As Anna explained what each color meant it felt almost as if I was having a true physic reading. Control and Passionate are both words that describe me to a T, although vibrance wasn’t far off. For fun we spun the wheel again and I ended up with choosing Believe (lipstick) and  Strong (lipstick). I ended up going home with Control, Passionate, Strong and Believe. Before heading out I whipped off my lipstick and applied believe. Each can be found at your local Lush Cosmetics store or online at

Check out more pictures and what each color means below!

Take it!

Subconsciously, you are feeling the need to take CONTROL today. You may need to influence, manage and direct situations or people in the near future, so wear this colour to give you the strength to do so.

*In the bottle control appears to be a dark navy blue eyeliner. When she applied it to my hand it turned out to be a dark teal with more green undertones.*

Feel strongly

This is your strength or weakness at this time, and what a fabulous strength it is. With this on your side you can do anything you want to do. There is no stopping someone who is PASSIONATE, and feeling strongly about something. If others don’t like it, you know what? That’s their weakness not yours!

*Passionate is a gorgeous, gorgeous gorgeous Fuchsia lipstick with blue undertones. The name definitely describes this color correctly. Anyone wearing this lipstick will feel should feel immensely passionate about something in life*

Full of life

How glorious that VIBRANCE is your strength. This will get you a long way in life. Who doesn’t like to be around someone who has VIBRANCE? Only someone who has PMT or a hangover, perhaps? They might see it as a weakness until you share your secret with them.

 *Vibrance is a shimmery orange eyeshadow with hints of gold flecks throughout. The coverage looks to be build-able if applied with an adequate primer*


Did you get anything from the Lush Cosmetics Emotional Brilliance Unveiling? From your color reading, which one best described you?



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