Sation Little Horse on the Prairie Fall Collection Swatches

(L-R) Ring Around the Horsie, Prairie Fairy, Sun Worship-her, Weed out the Wimps, Blue Sky’s the Limit, Rock-A-Guy-Blue

Miss Professional Nail and their line of Sation Nail Lacquers have brought Laura Ingles along with her “Ma” and “Pa” to the 21st century. Little Horse on the Prairie features six cream shades that take you back to those long country days at Grandma’s house. Creative Director Staci Dao developed this collection to emulate the the elements within our environment and mother nature so that one could capture part of that landscape and apply it to their nails. 

Little Horse on the Prairie brings a new twist to the season. These colors scream EVERYTHING about fall. I’ve mentioned the to drool for formula and ease of application in previous post, and with this collection my sentiments are exactly the same. The flat stem brush allows smooth delivery of the lacquer to the nail and makes  clean polish application a cinch for those of us who claim we are challenged in this area. The colors are all opaque after two coats, and offer a stunning high gloss finish.

Ring Around the Horsie is a rich deep red toned Mahogany that really makes a statement on your nails. Don’t let the color in the bottle fool you as it almost did me. I could see myself wearing this to a power meeting or presentation.

Prairie Fairy is the nude color of the collection. This white fleshed peachy lacquer looked gorgeous against my skin tone. I usually don’t do nudes because If I paint my nails I want to be able to see the color. If you work somewhere where non flesh colored nail polish is not allowed, but you can’t resist color this would be the polish for you!

Sun Worship-her, the name alone might make you think of a vibrant bright, yellow orange-gold. This red orange scorcher takes it’s place as the red for the season. I love how vibrant it was yet it without the overwhelming feeling of being too much. It reminds me of Sation’s Bee’s and Honey yet a bit more subdued. 

Weed out the Whimps pay’s homage to running through the grass barefoot. It reminded me of leaves, moss and sage. This was the first polish I swatched from the collection. I found myself drawn to it.

Blue Sky’s the Limit is a cloudless  beautiful day. A beautiful subdued, but rich sky blue color. I kinda didn’t want to take it off it was so beautiful.

Rock-A-Guy-Blue  can be described as rugged, deep midnight blue. This tough tinted shade makes me think of starched dark denim jeans fitted to the slender physique of a cut cow hand.

 This was another great collection from Miss Professional Nail. I like that it wasn’t your usual colors and offered a change in pace from some of the brighter colors we’ve seen come out for fall from previous years. The smokey creams from this collecton would be great for a girl who doesn’t like polish but want’s to start wearing it, and it also fits well for someone who just wants to tone it down for fall.

How do you feel about this collection? Are there any “must have’s”?


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