How to create Custom Lip Colors by Mixing Lip Tars

One look at the picture above and all you can think is “wow what color lipstick is that?” Well, one of my Facebook fans wanted to know that exact thing. The first thing that came to mind upon seeing this lip color was that this was a custom blend, and after shopping this photo around other fellow bloggers we all came to the consensus that 1. nobody we know of makes this particular color, and 2. It must be a custom blend. After swatching almost every purple lipstick in Sephora without luck I decided to go home and play mixologist.

What you’ll need:

Color Wheel

Lip Tars in Harlot (Red) and Rx (Blue)

Something to mix in

Lip Brush

Mixing colors can get a bit tricky if you don’t know color theory. I always keep a color wheel around just for these moments. They really come in handy when you want to create a new eyeshadow look and you don’t know what color compliments another.

One side of the color wheel shows you which colors compliment which and the reverse tells you what colors to mix to create a certain color. As you can see if I add blue and red I’ll create purple. Easy enough right? Not really, you see we want to get a very vibrant purple so we can’t use just any red or any blue. I decided upon Harlot and Rx Lip Tars because they were true primary colors and not shades or hues of blue and red.

First start by placing a small amount of RX Lip Tar into the pan. Next, place Harlot Lip Tar on top. You want to be sure to add more Harlot than RX since your looking for a more vibrant lighter purple as opposed to a dark one. Then, using a lip brush mix the colors together. Be sure to do a thorough job of mixing! In the end you’ll have a beautiful purple lip color. Make sure you mix better then picture shown above 😉


Using the lip brush slowly apply the lip color to your lips! Lip Tars bleed so be sure to line your lips to avoid feathering! While we didn’t quite match the lip color picture above we got kinda close. There are several other options for trying to re create that amazing lip color. While we used only Lip Tars you can also use a clear Lip Tar and mix purple pigments. I think next time I will try and use small dab of Anime or Pretty Boy. TKB Trading has awesome packaging supplies if you want to bottle it up to always have on hand.


So will you become your own Mixologist and custom make lipsticks? I’m also open to all suggestions how to re-create the look above! Leave a comment I always comment back!!




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