New Maybelline New York Color Tattoo Pure Pigments Review and Swatches

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[dropcap]M[/dropcap]abelline New York is at it again. Remember when they came out with the Vivids and Color Whisper lipsticks and we all went crazy.. welp it’s about to happen again!

On the heels of the continued success of the Color Tatto’s….I introduce to you the Maybelline New York Color Tattoo Pure Pigments.. yes you heard right pigments to go along with your Color Tattoos! The new Color Tattoo Pure Pigment line is set to be released at the beginning of July, but people are already spotting them in their local Rite Aid stores. This collection features 12 bold, runway inspired shades that will retail for $6.99 and are 0.05 oz.

Lets talk specs:

Packaging: The packing is not anything too exciting, actually when I first saw pictures I thought they were going to be in the glass jars sort of like the actual Color Tattoos. However, what I’ve noticed is that a lot of companies are toning down their packing and focusing more on the actual product. The pigments come in screw top plastic jars that to me don’t feel too strong. There is a sifter top so you don’t have direct access to the pigment but turning the jar upside down with the top on gives you more then enough.

Formula: Not all pigments are the same, what I was happy to see is that these pigments were very vibrant, bold and a just a little bit went a very long way. I tried out a couple on top of a color tattoo and it was like “whoa”! I do feel that the pigments are blendable, but I would caution to say that less is more when using them. The pigments contain the new “Color Booster Technology” that offers superiors color intensity.

Price: These pigments retail for $6.99 each for 0.05 oz. I think this is a good buy considering that right now these are the only major drug store brand company to have a set of pigments on the market. Again I say MAJOR drug store brand. L’oreal does have the infallible eyeshadows but they are marketed more so as eyeshadow and not loose pigments.

Alright enough meat and potatoes lets get to the swatches! As I already mentioned their are 12 shades in this new product line. I have 7 of the 12 to share with you. As soon as I get my hands on the other 5 I will definitely make sure to post them here so keep checking back.

Maybelline Color Tattoo Pigment Swatches

From L-R: Brash Blue, Wild Gold, Never Fade Jade, Potent Purple,Buff & Tuff, Barely Brazen, Black Mystery



Brash Blue Brash Blue-Maybelline Color Tattoo Pigments Wild Gold

Wild Gold - Maybelline Color Tattoo Pigments

Never Fade Jade Never Fade Jade Maybelline Color Tattoo Pigments

Potent Purple

Pink Rebel, Maybelline Color Tattoo Pigments

Buff and Tuff Buff and Tuff Maybelline Color Tattoo Pigments

Barely Brazen

Barely Brazen Maybelline Color Tattoo Pigments

Black Mystery Black Mystery Maybelline Color Tattoo Pigments

Overall I think these are a great deal! Pigments last a very very long time and honestly 12 colors is more then enough. For $6.99 you’re getting a great deal. People still go crazy over MAC pigments and they downsized the packaging and charge you more, plus who honestly uses up a MAC Pigment? These things are going to fly off the shelves super duper fast so when you see them grab them! What do you think of the new Maybelline New York Color Tattoo Pigments? Will you be purchasing them?


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