3.1 Phillip Lim for Target HandBags

So since I’ve been shopping at the online retailer Shopbop I’ve stumbled upon a fabulous brand called 3.1 Phillip Lim. Yea Yea I’m way late but I’ve just honestly started venturing out into other handbags besides Brahmin.  Phillip Lim has some amazing handbags at Nordstroms.com like the ones shown here.  While these bags are to die for they are also well above my budget. I mean right now I can’t see paying $1095-1200 for a handbag. My husband would do more than kill me!

'Ryder - Small' Calf Hair & Leather Satchel 'Pashli - Medium' Calf Hair & Leather Satchel

While he might kill me for paying $1K for a handbag he won’t kill me if I get a replica of the handbag shown above, by the same designer for only 5% of the cost of the original. Phillip Lim for Target is set to be out in Target Stores and online September 15th. Luckily for me there is a Target right up the road from my house and I plan to be in line to grab one of the coveted handbags. Best of all I could even walk out with two and my husband not blink an eye. The retail cost for the Target Collection of Phillip Lim handbags is only $35-$55. Yes you read that correctly $35-$55!!!

There have been sneak peeks of the collection popping up all over the internet and even on Instagram. These have definitely helped me figure out which bag or bags I will be getting.  Do you see any below that you might want?




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