Am I not Stylish if I’m not Skinny?

This is how I feel when I put on Skinny Jeans.. Like a fat cat trying to squeeze into something that was never made for me in the first place. Fat Cat in small box

I just can’t get into this while “Skinny Jean” craze. While I am not obese I am neither slim and trim. I am just a average girl with a average body. I have curves, a small sized “donkey booty” and there is no gap when I stand with my legs together. I have what some would call an average american body.

This past weekend I went shopping with my husband. I need at least 2-3 new pair of jeans so that I can get rid of some of my old faithfuls that  my husband hates that I wear in public due to the the rips or tears. I love these jeans because they are comfortable and I mean rips are stylish if accessorized correctly rightly? No? Whatever…

Anyways, we went out to the Premium Outlets in Limerick, PA because I figured I could get a good deal and pick up some other non essential items as well. My first stop was the Levis store since almost 75% of my jeans come from there and I really like the 501 straight leg jeans. After browsing a bit I saw they didn’t have any newer 501’s that I liked so we decided to head on out. As we were leaving I noticed the various shades corduroys off to the side. It get’s cold enough here for corduroys so I thought I’d pick up a couple… until I saw they were Skinny Corduroy leggings… I’ll be honest I didn’t even try them on. I know for a fact that my body and skinny anything just don’t mix. This is what I look like when I wear Skinny Jeans except there is no fabric left to fold over or crease.


 We next moved on to Loft. I absolutely love this store and I had a $20 coupon to use before the 10th. As soon as we walked in, there displayed as if waiting for me on the table were colored corduroys. I thought I’d hit the jackpot until I looked up and noticed they were all again “Skinny”. My husband whose always positive suggested that I try them on since they weren’t “leggings”.  My initial reaction was no because I know that “skinny jeans” and I just don’t get along. We kind of mix like oil and water, like braids without edges. We just don’t go! I knew what the outcome would be and just to appease him I grabbed a size 10 ( I know to go up a size in Skinny ) and a size 12 just to be on the safe side. I grabbed a couple more items and make my way to the dressing room.

I wanted to get this over with fast so I try on the size 10. They won’t go up my thighs. I then tried on the size 12. Success! They fit, well kinda.. sorta.. They fit my legs perfectly but there was so much room in the waist area that I could pull them on and off without even unbuttoning or unzipping. I showed my husband and he conceded that Skinny was not for me.

We went to several other stores and I ran into the same problem at each store. The selection of non skinny items was always very plain jane and basic. However, the “Skinny” selections had all the latest colors and designs. I left the outlets jeanless and slightly discouraged. Was I too fat to be stylish or in order to be stylish would I have to forgo the proper fit. Can I not get a nice pair of jeans that are made to fit me and not made to fit a craze?  Is society that pressed about image that in a nation with the highest obesity rate we squeeze ourselves into items of clothing that are termed “skinny” in order to help our self esteem? Am I alone in feeling this way or is anyone else over everything being skinny?

Some would probably say I should slim down and I could stand to lose a couple, but I shouldn’t have to in order to go shopping. What do you think?


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  1. Kathleen
    March 22, 2014 / 11:47 am

    I was on looking for my semi-annual Brahmin Tent Sale date and found your video. You’re a riot and adorable, Melody. Maybe TV is your thing in addition to everything else you do. I do, however, plan on beating you to the line at the tent sale this spring (no date yet). I was hoping for the Everyday Tote and the Debi Wallet at least this year but you reminded me that those are probably too new to be included in the tent sale. But, dear Lord, that weekend bag you got (black snake)!!!!!!! I’ll be looking for one of those. Just wanted to let you know I appreciate your video. Oh, and if you see an overweight white woman, I’ll wave you forward to my spot on line. It’s me, Kathleen. :). Well that description describes half of Massachusetts. I’ll know you though. See you there, Melody. No pushing 🙂

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