Xlash Results Week 2



I’ve been using Xlash for two weeks now. Applying it in the morning after my skin care routine and then applying it in the evening after taking off my makeup.  Below is a picture showing my results after the second week. 

Honestly right now I’m not seeing much of a change but I do believe they may look a bit longer.  What do you think?
Eyelash Before


Xlash Week 2

Stay tuned for week 3-4 If you’re interested in purchasing Xlash check it out here.

Interested in trying this out with me? Xlash is offering a $10 discount with promo code “Xlash250″. Make sure you check out the brand at http://www.xlash.net



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  1. October 22, 2013 / 2:54 pm

    I use vitamin E oil on my eye lashes every night and I saw a big difference in my lashes, they were long with and without mascara after a week. I even put the oil on my eyebrows at bed and they are growing back in fuller.

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