Do your Lips Need a Power Boost? Try Milani Cosmetics New Power Lips!

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This is what you need to be stalking while walking up and down the beauty aisles at your local drug stores! The newest release from Milani Cosmetics are the POWER Lip and boy do these babies live up to their name! The Power Lips are .09 oz of combination lipgloss and stain. They are highly pigmented, moisturizing and long lasting. I wish, wish wish wish they came in a large size like the TARTE Maracuja lip glosses because I know for sure I will be using these until there isn’t a drop left.  

The Power lips come with a brush applicator and in order to access the lipgloss/stain you have to twist the top. I actually counted one day and in order for the product to come out you have to turn it at least 95> times. It’s a lot but if you give it a couple of good quick turns you should be good to go since the products stays primed. I will warn you that if you turn too much you will get an excess of product pooling out. Since the tubes are on the smaller side this is what you definitely don’t want to do.  These are also very budget friendly retailing at only $6.49 each! I may have to go and get a back up of Raspberry Tart and Macaroon

There are nine power lips in all but I only have six to share with you today.

Milani Cosmetics Power Lip Swatches

From Top to Bottom: Pink Lemondade, Macaroon, Mango Tango, Cabaret Blend, Red Control and Raspberry Tart

01 Red Control

Milani Cosmetics Power Lip Red Control


02 Cabaret Blend

Milani Cosmetics Power Lips in Caberet Blend

03 Raspberry Tart

Milani Power Lips in Raspberry Tart

04 Pink Lemonade

Milani Cosmetics Power Lip in Pink Lemonade

05 Macaroon

Milani Cosmetics Power Lip in Macaroon

07 Mango Tango

Milani Cosmetics Power Lips in Mango Tango

Have you spotted the power lips in your beauty aisles? If so let me know where and what you think if you’ve tried them!

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  1. February 10, 2014 / 5:56 pm

    I love these! I actually have Creamy Cafe which is a nude and want to get some more soon! They all look gorgeous on you!

  2. February 12, 2014 / 4:02 am

    this product power lips is the ever best combination of lip-gloss and stain and the procedure of using it is very simple and easy.every girl can handle it with ease.

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