This post is sponsored by Verizon. #BetterMatters I don’t have many girlfriends, not because I’m this super hard person to get along with, but because the world “girlfriend” to me means more than just someone who’s my friend and just happens to be a girl. To me a girlfriend is someone that I can confide in, cry to, advocate for, and share my happiest moments. As we get older we find that there are fewer and fewer people we can allow into our circle and it’s important that those people cherish our well-being just as much as we cherish theirs. My girlfriends… View Post

Purging has to be one the absolute best things that I’ve done this year. I didn’t exactly Kon Marie my home, but I did get rid of massive amounts of “clutter”. I wanted my home to reflect calm and peace which is how I’m striving to live my life.  We deal with so much stuff in our daily lives, from work, bills, and family drama that I no longer wanted to walk into my home and be bombarded with massive amounts of stuff that made my world feel that much more busy.  So, after I got rid of practically all the… View Post

Nevermind the fingerprints all over the sleek black Nars packaging we’ve all come to love, you’re only going to be interested in what’s on the inside as I’m sharing with you some of the items from the Nars Summer 2016 Color Collection! When the Nars Cosmetics Summer 2016 Color Collection was first revealed we all went crazy over the boxes illustrated by LA-based Greek painter Konstantin Kakanias . I was kind of bummed when those cute drawings of the girls living their best lives on vacation didn’t make it on the actual cases, but at least we got some bomb… View Post

We all have that one signature color lipstick that we like to wear. For some is a bold and sexy red and for others, it’s a soft subtle nude. I always thought my go to color was red, and then I went on this stint where I was all about the nudes because who doesn’t love a good nude (see my favorites here). Now I still love a good nude, but after trying out the Sleek VIP Lipsticks I realized that I may have found my “spirit color”. It was almost like I didn’t choose the color the color just choose… View Post

You all know that I love a good quality lipstick, but what I love more is when you find it in brands that you would have never even thought of trying. I have a very diverse makeup collection, but there are some brands that I walk past in the cosmetic section without even given a second thought, but after trying out the Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Moisturizing Lipsticks that habit is about to change! The Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Moisturizing Lipsticks come in 38 yummy shades and they sent over four shades perfect for spring and summer for me to… View Post

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Levi’s® for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine. Confidence. It’s something we all have though most of us seldom utilize it. Confidence is an attribute that, when employed, provides us with the faith and trust that we can do whatever we set in our mind. So many women fail to reach their true potential in all areas of life because they lack the one thing that could propel them to heights beyond their wildest dreams. Many people are surprised to hear me say that I wasn’t always confident in some… View Post

I’m sharing how I use #Listerine in my life as a part of a LISTERINE® sponsored series for Socialstars™. All my closets friends will you tell you that I’m a fauxtrovert. Fauxtrovert (adj): the act of being a fake extrovert. (n): someone who is outgoing only when they have to be. I can’t help it. I’m a introvert trapped in the life of an extrovert, and while everyone is making plans to go out and have fun after work all I’m thinking of is how awesome my couch is going to feel while I read or catch up on missed TV… View Post