Make Up For Ever Water Blend Foundation Review and Swatches on Medium Brown Skin

You guys already know that I am a huge Make Up For Ever fan. Their HD foundation stays in heavy rotation within my makeup routine, but as the weather got hotter, I had to sit it to the side and start using products that were a little less heavy. I’m sure you all feel my pain when it comes to these seasonal foundation woes. Make Up For Ever recently reformated their Water Blend Foundation and I was sent over three shades that ranged within my complexion to try out. The Make Up For Ever Water Blend foundation is a reformulation… View Post

MAC Vamplify Swatches on Medium Brown Skin *Re-Release*

MAC Cosmetics reintroduced their Vamplify lipglosses and this time I wasn’t missing out on them. MAC sent over five colors for me to try and after wear testing these I’m sure I’ll be adding several more shades to my collection, probably from the neutral family. Vamplify was reintroduced with 22 shades, some of which are re-promotes and seven are new.  Wearability: MAC Vamplify is basically lipgloss with seriously boosted color. They aren’t as tacky as the Make Up For Ever Plexigloss, but they have pretty good staying power. Pigmentation varied between the glosses and I found it didn’t help to keep… View Post

Once You Stop Living You Start Aging

“When you stop living is when you stop aging.” Are you surprised as I am that I’m actually sorta consistent with my fashion post? My capsule wardrobe is kinda non-existent for the summer, but I’m making it work and being creative. Amongst all the talk about crucial issues on Twitter like Black Lives Matter and the conversation on deescalating interactions with the Police so that our African American men and women make it home, there was a light-hearted conversation about how people born in the 80’s were officially old.  I was born in the early 80’s and while I do… View Post

Are You Applying Your Skincare in the Proper Order?

The Beauty aisles can be a scary place, especially if it’s your first time venturing into the world of glam. The skincare aisles are even more daunting with cleansers, night oils, sheet mask, toners, and serums galore. After chatting it up with the beauty concierge, dropping a good portion of your paycheck, and going home with the brand new skin care regimen, you realize you have no idea what product you’re supposed to use first, and you find yourself wondering if the toner should go before or after the serum. This ultimately leads to feeling like skincare is too much… View Post

My Thoughts on the Shea Moisture Peace Rose Oil Complex

If you were to look in my bathroom closet, you’d find an array of Shea Moisture Products for hair and body. The Shea Moisture line has been a consistent staple in my natural hair regimen since going natural years ago. During one of their BOGO sales, I introduced myself to their Lavender and Wild Orchid body line when my body had these weird itchy flare ups.  The thing about Shea Moisture is that with over 20 collections you’re bound to find something that fits you. So, don’t get discouraged when the first set of products you try don’t work. It’s… View Post

Checkout What’s in my Skin Care Collection.

This year I have absolutely fallen in love with skincare. I’m not sure what the catalyst was that made me start to take my skin care so seriously, but now it’s a ritual I do not miss. I’m often surprised by the amount of people in their late 20’s and up who don’t take skincare seriously. Yea soap and water works, but it’ll only go so far. What most people fail to realize is that their skin is a canvas and the smoother the canvas the more flawless your makeup looks. You also don’t have to use as much makeup… View Post

Why I’m Choosing a Staycation.

This post is part of a Sponsored series with #Listerine and SocialStars #bringoutthebold  It seems as if everyone around me is preparing to go on epic vacations. I haven’t been on a proper vacation in forever so I’ve become accustomed to living vicariously through everyone else. The main reason we haven’t packed our bags and jet-setted is because each year we choose to use the money for other things, you know like purchasing a home and for the past two years, we’ve been tackling paying off debt. Though I haven’t been on a trip in a while it doesn’t stop… View Post