Open Toed Shoes not Allowed at Work? No Problem! Shop my Pointed Toe Flats Picks!


I’m sure people there are several out there who will can feel my pain. Spring and Summer is upon us and at my job I’m not allowed to wear opened toed shoes. This makes perfect sense seeing as how I work in a a laboratory but it’s really hard to see all your friends out and about in their cute open toed shoes while your piggy’s aren’t allowed to see the light of day until you get off work. This year I decided that I wasn’t going let that rule get the best of me and so I’ve been on the look for the perfect pair of pointed  flat shoes to  spark some life into my confined summer wardrobe.  I like shoes that are very stylish, eye catching and also comfortable.  My favorite right now is the Alice + Olivia Stacey Face Pointed Shoe and of course because my name is Melody I also diggin the Miu Miu Music Note Print deal. Shop the widget below and check out more of my Pointed Toe Flats picks:




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