Four Tips for Those Considering an Undercut Natural Hairstyle

The thing I love about Natural Hair is that it’s so versatile. Since going natural over six years ago, I’ve had several hairstyles ranging from a full on afro to rocking a quick and easy brush cut. In a previous post, I shared with you the decision to completely shave off most of my hair and rock an Undercut Natural Hairstyle. After having this style for over a month, I felt that I learned enough to share some tips to those who are thinking about venturing down the path this same past.  An Undercut Natural Hairstyle is budget friendly:  I… View Post

Wide Calf Boots for Calves 17″ and Up!

  Fall is my absolute most favorite time of the year.The humidity stops messing up my hair. I don’t have to worry about thigh or boob sweat and I can finally pull out all my cute comfortable clothes. The one thing I do despise about Fall is the absolute disregard that companies have for women of the wide calf kind.  Everywhere I look, in every magazine, in every catalog there are boots galore, however, there seems to be a complete disregard for women who need wide calf boots! Seriously, let’s just stop with the lies. A circumference of 16″ does… View Post

The Broke on Purpose Ebook is Here!

  I’m so excited to announce that The Broke on Purpose Ebook is Here! In this guide, I share with you the three principles that have helped my husband and I to pay off over $18,000 in debt just seven months. You’ll learn what it means to be Broke on Purpose and how to take back control of your finances. Plus gain access to 6 free printables that will help you keep track of your monthly budget, outstanding debt, and so much more! Click Here to Purchase the Book Now!   

Your Mouth Could be Ruining Your Relationships.

“Thanks to LISTERINE® I’m practicing good oral care as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #Listerine” When I was still a young tenderoni on the dating scene there was always an order to which I’d checkout the opposite sex to see if they were worthy of my conversation. First, I’d check out his face, while I wasn’t looking for someone who was drop dead gorgeous he had to at least be easy on the eyes. The second thing I would look at would be his shoes. I really  have no scientific reasoning for this, but if a guy took… View Post

Are your Eyebrows on Fleek?- HOURGLASS Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil Review

Eyebrows have made their way to the top of  the list of features  one must  focus on when it comes to beat one’s face. According to Social Media, it’s almost a cardinal sin to walk out of the house without doing something to your eyebrows. When it comes to my brows, I love to give them a bit of enhancement without making them look overly sculpted. I love a good natural looking brow and what I love more than that is a great brow product. There are a couple of requirements that a good eyebrow product must meet before I… View Post

Broke On Purpose September 2015 Pay Off and Goods News!

I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that it’s October, and we’ve been doing this whole Broke on Purpose thing for seven months.  What I can wrap my head around is the fact that I don’t worry about my bills getting paid any more. I don’t worry if we’re going to have money left at the end of the month because I made a budget at the beginning of the month, and I told my money where to go. I like to think of it as me being the pimp and our money being the ho.. well you… View Post

Recreate the Empire Fashion Looks for Less with ShopAtHome and Neiman Marcus

This post was sponsored by, but my love for the Empire Fashion Style of Cookie Lyon’s is all my own. If you’re not watching the hit show Empire on Fox than I’m sad to say you’re seriously missing out. The TV Drama Empire is full of scandals, plot twist, drama, and a whole lot of amazing fashion given to us by Taraji P. Henson who comprises the roll of Cookie Lyon’s, a no-nonsense mama with a whole lotta business sense. During the first season of Empire. I found myself constantly lusting over several of  Cookie Lyon’s fashion choices. To… View Post