This post is sponsored by Lenscrafters via SocialStars. My love for style is all my own. Check out the post below and become a part of the #LensCraftersCrowd. I get a new pair of eyeglasses every year and each year I try to out do the last pair when it comes to style and fit. At first I started off conservative, and I began to really own my style I ventured into glasses that screamed my personality. This is why I love getting my eyewear from LensCrafters. They have so many options when it comes to eyewear. Now that I’m… View Post

One of the ways that credit cards and financing companies trick us into giving away more money than we intend is by using a tactic called “The Minimum Payment”. Simply put, the minimum payment is the lowest amount of money we can pay to keep our names in good standing with those who loaned us the money in the first place. The amount of money you pay towards a minimum payment will range based on the interest and the amount of money borrowed or financed with most payments starting as low as $15. When we buy something on credit, we… View Post

I love a good hair oil. One of my favorite things to do with hair oils is to use them before I shampoo as it helps to soften the hair and protects the hair from sulfates in the shampoo that can strip the hair of all it’s vital moisture. I’ve tried many hair oils and hair fragrances, but I’ve never used or smelled ones as decadent as the Show Beauty Hair Products. I was sent the Show Beauty Pure Treatment Hair Oil and Decadence Hair Fragrance a while back and to be honest, the products got lost in the cave… View Post

Paying off debt is exhausting. As I type this post I am honestly mentally and physically exhausted. My days are spent working, constantly, running on the rat wheel trying my best to find a way to get off. I know there is no way off. At least not right now, at least not until we are debt free. The other day my Husband and I planned breakfast around an experiment I had going on in the lab. At breakfast, we were talking about our goals as we usually do and making plans for what’s going to happen job wise once… View Post

I shared these tips with you as part of a sponsored with Social Stars and RoC® RETINOL CORREXION® Deep Wrinkle Daily Moisturizer With Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30. #WomenWhoROC One of the best parts about the holidays are all the amazing parties and events. In this post, I’m giving you four beauty tips to remember that will help you get holiday ready for that upcoming event. Tip 1: Red  will always be my go-to lipstick color for any winter holiday event. I love the color red because when wearing it you can give off so many emotions. You could be… View Post

Did you know that November is National Skin Month? As we transition to the colder month, it’s important to start thinking how the colder weather will affect your skin. The lightweight lotions you used in the summer and spring won’t cut it against winter’s dry air and cold win.  This is why many are switching over to Dove Beauty Bars and Body washes as Dove is the #1 Dermatologist recommended brand! Dove’s Beauty Bars and Body Washes feature a range of product types that are great for all skin types. If you suffer from Dry Skin, the Dove Deep Moisture… View Post

Okay yall, so my favorite shopping site Shopbop is having another sale! This is one of my favorite sales as it gives you a percentage off based on how much you spent.  The more you spend the more you save. There will be some exclusions, but I’m not sure exactly what they will be. If they repeat what they did last year I believe they won’t be as restrictive as the last sale. So here’s the breakdown of the sale. November 24-November 30th Code: GoBig15 15% off of $250+ 20% off of $500+ 25% off of $1000+ With the sale… View Post