Okay, so you guys now  had to do an obligatory New Years Resolution Post. Last year my main resolution was to step out on faith and turn my blog into more of a lifestyle blog. I succeeded in this and had so many amazing opportunities come my way. I traveled to New Orleans, worked with some amazing brands, and even started a business called Broke on Purpose.  So, now that I’ve basically recapped 2015 let’s talk about my goals for 2016. I’m calling them goals instead of resolutions because to me the word “goals” holds more power. I’m a firm… View Post

  With it being the end of the year and all I’m excited to share my 2015 hairstyle review. This has seriously been a great hair year for me! I did some serious experimenting. This was probably the last year that I was really going to be able to have fun and try different styles before heading back into the workforce so I did it all. I grew out my hair from a low cut, then chopped it off into a tapered style. I got bored with that and shaved off my sides, then I got really bold and shaved… View Post

NARSissist (NARS∙is∙sist) (n.) – lives by her own rules, not afraid to express herself in every look, mood or attitude.  Effortless charm with a bottomless makeup bag. Hey, Everyone! I’m so excited to share  some upcoming releases  from the Nars Cosmetics NARSissist family. NARS is one of my favorite makeup brands and I always find myself reaching for my custom blush palette whenever I do my makeup.  For Spring 2016, NARS Cosmetics introduces the L’Amour Toujours L’Amour Eyeshadow Palette $59 . The limited-edition palette features 12 must-have eyeshadow shades from everyday neutrals to rich accents for a full-spectrum of looks. Since I’ve turned into a… View Post

I’ve never been super picky about my toilet tissue. I just always knew that I wanted it to get the job done with ease. Of course, I’m not a fan of that one ply economy toilet tissue but I’d dealt with it growing  up. I was actually pleasantly surprised to find two-ply toilet tissue on the roll during my last visit. This may have been a doing of one of my sisters, but this was one change I was more than happy to accept. My husband and I usually purchase our toilet paper in bulk. I’m not sure which one… View Post

Okay, so I may have had to eat my words after driving around in a 2015 Kia Soul for a week… Back in 2011 I purchased a 2012 Kia Sorento, the dealer tried to get me to check out a Kia Soul and I just couldn’t do it. It was boxy and being marketed by overweight hamsters. I was full of “nopes” that day and couldn’t even believe that someone would even want to take a car like that home.  So umm yea about that. Granted, it’s been five years since I had these thoughts but yo! The Kia Soul… View Post

With the rise of Social Media, it seems that in the beauty world the larger your makeup stash the better your credibility when it came to knowing anything about makeup. Thanks to Youtuber’s it not unusual to find Ikea Alex Drawer Units packed to the brim with eyeshadows, lipsticks, blush and nail polish. We’ve reached a time where makeup  collecting   hoarding has become the norm.  Admittedly, I own an Ikea Alex Drawer unit and yes it is filled with makeup, but I’m chalking all that up to the fact that I used to be an MUA turned beauty blogger. That’s… View Post

Each and every year I get so excited for the LUSH Holiday collection. Next to Easter it’s one of my favorites from the natural bath and body product producer. If you haven’t tried Lush let me just say you are seriously missing out on one of the best G-rated experiences that you can have in the bathtub.  I’ve gotten so many of my friends hooked on LUSH. If I have a friend visiting from a city that I know doesn’t have one I make sure that we stop and make a special trip so that they can understand my obsession.Today I’m… View Post