#ReimagineThat and Give Your Shampoo Bottle a New Lease on Life

I can honestly admit that two times a day I let my imagination run wild. I either giving a concert as an award winning R&B Diva, coming up with my next big plan on how I’m going to kick Sallie Mae out of my house once and for all, or I’m winning an argument against a life nemesis. These vivid scenes of imagination all happen in my Shower, and while I’m showering I’m usually oblivious to what I do with my shampoo or body wash containers once they’ve run out. Well, lets not say oblivious but the word recycle doesn’t pop into my head at all. Did you know that.. #reimaginethat  

Fact: Americans are more likely to go the distance to get a drink when thirsty, charge their phone, or answer a phone call, than walk an empty plastic bottle from the bathroom to the recycle bin. As a result, these easily recyclable bathroom products are contributing to nearly 29 million tons of plastics in landfills each year!

In partnership with Keep America Beautiful and the ad council Unilever is launching the “Rinse Recyle Reimgine which is a new program designed to educate people about recycling in the bathroom, inspire them to imagine what empty plastic containers could look like through recycling, and ultimately make a small change that holds a big potential to postively impact the enviroment. 


Hey Hey fellow Philadelphians we’re on top when it comes to recycling in the bathroom! Of the major U.S. metropolitan cities, Philadelphia came out on top demonstrating the best bathroom recycling habits with 52% reporting that they always recycle in the bathroom, while Atlanta ranked last with only 23% reporting that they always recycle in the bathroom.

Unilever needs help from America to make this change a reality, and is asking people nationwide to step up and join the bathroom recycling movement. Go to brightfuture.unilever.us to learn more, or share a photo of your bathroom recyclables on Twitter or Instagram using #ReimagineThat and #Sweeps for a chance to win reimagined recycled prizes. Daily and grand prizes range from Unilever beauty kits to goods made from recycled plastics like an umbrella or a backpack. By taking simple steps at home – like recycling –Americans can also help the environment and address climate change.

So before you throw that shampoo or body wash bottle in the trash think about what it could be in the future.  Set it to the side and throw in the recycling bin on the way to your bedroom. 

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To learn more about taking small actions that can make a big difference visit: https://www.brightfuture.unilever.us



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