Denim and Paisely

I’ve owned a DSLR camera since maybe around 2011 and I’m still learning new things about it every time I turn around. When I first got the camera I thought it would automatically make my pictures that much better. You know, because when you pay $1000+ for a camera that’s just supposed to happen right? I cringe every time I look back at my older photos. They were so small, so dark, so… unflattering. I had to learn how to shoot in Manual. It was pointless for me to be owning this expensive camera and not using the function. There was… View Post

Bold Looks for a Bold Life

I’m sharing #LISTERINE in my life as part of a LISTERINE® sponsored series for Socialstars™) It’s back to school time and hopefully, this will be my VERY LAST semester in school! Each year I like to try something new to start the school year off fresh. Last year I chopped my hair completely off in an undercut style which was probably one of the boldest things I’d ever did with my hair. Some people loved it, my grandmother hated it, but all in all, it was a pretty awesome style that proved to be a lot more maintenance than I… View Post

M.A.C It’s A Strike Collection Swatches and Quick Review

Hey! Makeup Lovers, I’m a little late but today I’m sharing with you pictures and my thoughts on the MAC It’s a Strike Collection.  This is a limited edition collection that launched on August 18th and the color story quickly made it one of my favorites. Fall is one of my favorite seasons because that’s when all the bold beautiful colors come out to play. The It’s a Strike Collection has some fun vibrant shades sprinkled throughout to give it a little balance but I’m gonna be honest with you I’m here for all things vampy. This is a 28… View Post

Just Keep Glowing with these Highlighters and Illuminators.

Summer may be on its way out but that doesn’t mean you have to give up the glow. Highlighters are a product that can be used all year round.  They have the ability to perk up your skin, accentuate features like gorgeous high cheekbones, and even make skin appear younger.  Highlighters don’t only have to be used on your cheeks. You can also use them in your cupids bow, down the bridge of your nose, under the eyebrow or across the brow bone, and even sweep them across your lips which is something my favorite Youtuber Sonjdra Deluxe does that makes… View Post

Design Essentials Deep Moisture Line For Dry Natural Hair

Healthy hair was one my goals this year so I’ve been making sure to take extra care to deep condition, moisturize, and to use Jamaican Black Castor Oil on my edges.  Since my big chop in January, I’m already starting to see major growth even with keep my sides and neck tapered.  I’ve found that the key to keeping my hair happy is to use quality products with quality ingredients that my hair really loves.  Recently I had the chance to try out the Design Essentials Coconut Monoi Deep Moisture Collection which contains masque, balms, curl refreshers, and hot oil… View Post

Shea Moisture Weightless Shea Serum Foundation Review

I’ve been testing out the Shea Moisture Weightless Shea Serum Foundation for a couple of weeks now. At first, I wasn’t a fan of the formula, but then I realized it was user error and not the foundation itself. You see, this is a serum foundation. I talked about serums a bit back in my Skin Care Routine post and how much I’m loving them right now.  Serums are products that are jammed packed with all types of great ingredients. When it comes to skincare serums, contain heavily concentrated amounts of antioxidants or target skincare ingredients, so I had to… View Post

My Favorite Things About Fall

This post is sponsored by Listerine in collaboration with SocialStars. All opinions are my own. #bringouthebold Fall has to be my absolute most favorite time of the year. It’s like the “baby bear” of the seasons when things are just right. Admittedly I may be a bit jaded since I work in a place where we’re required to wear pants and closed toed shoe year round, but there is something about Fall that is almost magical.  To me, Fall is reminiscent of rebirth. Some may argue and say that’s spring but to me, Fall is when things actually start to happen.… View Post