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Luminess Air Brushing System Review

Luminess Air Brush System Review | Being Melody|

Makeup and AirBrushing is often synonymous with celebrity makeup and bridal makeup. When I was married I had my makeup airbrushed on and let me tell you it did not budge in that sweltering South Carolina heat. I’ve never really thought about doing my own airbrushing at home as part of a daily makeup routine Read More

How to Fit Date Night Into Your Budget

How to Fit Date Night Into Your Budget | Broke On Purpose|

Some people think that when you’re on a budget or trying to get out of debt that your supposed to stop enjoying some of lifes pleasures cold turkey. . This is absolutely a not true! That’s like telling someone trying to get in shape that eating one candy bar after 5 weeks of intense dieting Read More

Jalapeno-Mango Mojito

Jalapeno Mango Mojito #ALIZEINCOLOR

I participated in the Alizé Passion blog program as a member of One2One Network. I received compensation, but all opinions are my own. One of the reasons why summer is my favorite time of year is because I get to plant things in my garden. It helps me to forget about everything that’s going on and focus Read More

Keeping Your Kicks Fresh with Tide Pods

Keeping your kicks fresh with tide

I got my kicks super white fresh with this sponsored post with SocialStars and Tide. These shoes are my absolute favorite and as always all my opinions are my own. #TideThat Summer is super hard for me and let me tell you it has nothing to do with the constant struggle of me keeping my Read More

Broke On Purpose: Live Like You’re Wealthy on a Budget

Broke On Purpose, Being Melody, Debt, Finances, Live Like You're wealthy

  We’d all like to live a more luxurious life. Unfortunately, our bank account often has the final say, and will quickly put us in check when we try to go beyond our limits. There are many luxuries accessible to those on a modest budget; you just have to know where to find them. Honestly, Read More

Selfie Approved Skin Care Products

Being Melody Skin Care Collage

  Everything about my body changed when I turned 30. The fat cells became more resistant, I had a lot more aches and pains, and I realized that my hair was beginning to turn gray in other areas than just my head.  One thing that also changed was my skin. As I got older I Read More

Correct and Conceal with Make Up for Ever Step 1 Skin Equalizer

Make Up For Ever Skin Perfector Video Thumbnail

I have a skin disorder. Growing up I was told it was a birthmark but, let’s just face it, Birthmarks don’t spread. I have a Mongolian spot that just won’t go away. Instead of lamenting over what can’t be changed I’ve decided to just deal with it and seek out products that will help me Read More

Tips to Help you Live Brighter Plus Get $75 from Direct Energy

#livebrighter, Direct Energy, Being Melody

As children, through song we were taught to let our little light shine, Rihanna told us to shine bright like a diamond and now Direct Energy wants us to live brighter. In my opinion, the common theme here is living your fullest life. There are many ways you can choose to Live Brighter. You can go green, Read More

Can Earnest Really Save You from Student Loan Despair?


Last week I shared with you all the Ugly Truth about Student Loan Forgiveness programs and basically ended by just telling you to pay your student loans. I hated ended the post that way since I’m more of an optimist and like to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Since I was Read More

Broke on Purpose July 2015 Wrap Up

Broke on Purpose July Pay Off Amount. Broke on Purpose, Being Melody, Debt Diet

I am so excited about the month of August because it’s my birthday month! Unfortunately, my birthday falls on a Monday (how dreadful), but at least it being my birthday will be a silver lining.  With it being the end of the month of course you know I’m going to give you the deets on Read More

The Ugly Truth about Federal Student Loan Forgiveness Programs

No caption.

If you’re waiting on the government to come in and swoop away all you student loan debt in one forgiving swoop you may have a long wait on your hands. In the last five months my husband and I have successfully paid off over $13,000 in debt, however, this does not include anything from our Read More

It’s Time for an Ultra Natural Highlight and Contour.

Make Up For Ever Pro Sculpting Duo, 02 Golden Duo, Being Melody, BeingMelody, Make Up For Ever

It’s no secret that I am a MAKE UP FOR EVER fiend! Ever since we got our very own Make Up For Ever boutique in the King of Prussia mall I’ve been all about the brand. I mean who wouldn’t with their amazing formulas, versatile products, and mouth watering pigments. Now I love a good Read More